10 things I Noticed about “Mahābhārata”

First of all, I confession to complete ignorance about Mahābhārata. I knew it was a play at Ubuntu Theater Project.

Here are 10 things I Noticed about “Mahābhārata”:

1. After hearing it you do feel more alive.

2. It is an Indian epic.

3. It’s about storytelling.

4. It’s a one person show and J Jha brilliantly portrays Itahasvid/Kunti/Draupadi/Amba: Shikhandi/Chitrandaga/Mohini/Bhisma/Karna

5. The story is longer than the Iliad and the Odyssey combined.

6. It starts with a snake sacrifice.

7. The term “mannish woman” is used and I was not offended.

8. First time I heard “blue black” used by someone not Black and it was not offensive to me.

9. “Good soldier, bad speaker”.

10. By the numbers: 3 million warriors, 260,000 plus elephants and an 18 day war.

This play is brilliantly adapted by Geetha Reddy and directed by Michael Socrates Moran.

Go see the play through 12/8/19 and subscribe, it’s pay what you can.


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