10 Things I have in common with Susan L. Taylor

by Kiki

I attended a fundraiser with Susan L. Taylor and MED (Michael Eric Dyson) that included a talk by them facilitated by my friend Makani Themba. The fundraiser benefitted my center of spiritual living, Heart and Soul Center of Light.

I have met MED numerous times but it was my first time meeting Susan. I discovered 10 things I have in common with her:

1. Editor-In-Chief, she at Essence from 1981 -2000, me at BlackHistoryEveryday.com from 2017 to present.

2. We both have been divorced and happily remarried now.

3. We both are mothers.

4. We both are columnists. Her “In the Spirit” is legendary, check out my columns on authory.com/kikimonifa

5. We both are founders, she of National Cares Mentoring Movement, me of BlackHistoryEveryday.com and KikiPosts.com

6. We both are CEOs, see above.

7. We both are writers.

8. We both are journalists.

9. We both had other careers.

10. We both are over 60.


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