Happy Birthday Margaret Sanger (R.I.P.)

In 1916 opened the first birth control clinic in the U.S. Organized the first birth control clinic staffed by all women docs. Established a clinic in Harlem with an all black advisory board which included W.E.B. DuBois.

A Mother’s Love

Despite having had several surgeries Esther experiences constant pain from her injuries. Yet these physical reminders pale in comparison to the emotional trauma and grief of the death of her young son and the separation from her two children. I cannot imagine the heartache she must feel at having lost not one but three children.

The Golden Voice of Africa

There are many notable artists with albinism. Salif Keïta happens to be my personal favorite. I discovered his music in the 1990’s. His music combines the rhythms of West Africa, Europe and the Americas.

How We See

For a person with albinism squinting is a reflex to minimize an excess of incoming light.

International Albinism Awareness Day?

My skin is alabaster, my hair white and my eyes are translucent. Like a chameleon, they take on different colors according to what I wear. I was born with albinism. And yet, while my skin is the first thing people notice when they meet me, I know that I am so much more.

An Open Letter to Dick Gregory

I am charged with a renewed commitment to do my part alongside countless others to educate and advocate for greater awareness about albinism and an end to discrimination toward people with albinism.