Judy and Kiki 5 Things I Noticed

by Kiki

Let’s call it now, February 9, 2020, the 92nd Academy Awards, Renée Zellweger. Best Actress, no question. Hit me up after.

I love Judy Garland and now I love Renée. She is Judy. I love this movie, She also sings in the movie.

Here are five things I noticed that I have in common with Judy:

1. Mothers of three kids, two girls and one boy. None of mine are in show business.

2. Actresses. I just appeared in reader’s theatre summer 2019, “Begin with the End in Mind”. Thank you Rev. Jack and Heart and Soul Center of Light Summer School.

3. Addicts. Mine is food. I am in recovery, thank you OA.

4. Divas

5. I was born in the little Apple, Manhattan, Kansas, Dorothy, Wizard of Oz connection.


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