Five Reasons You Should Listen To Podcasts

by Rayiah Ross

There is a podcast for everything:

Podcasts are like books: thorough and pervasive, coming in all shapes and sizes. If you like to cook, try out The Splendid Table. Need inspiration and guidance? Maybe Ted Talk is right for you. Want to listen to your favorite influencers talk about the crazy night they had the day before? Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash might be just what you need. 

The point of podcasts aren’t to add any extra stress to your life or barade you for whatever lifestyle you’re living (although I’m sure there’s a podcast for that if you’re interested). Podcasts are there for you to have fun and relax while listening to people talk about the things that interest you. 


Quality content with quality people:

The best thing about podcasting is the “do it yourself” element. Some podcast you find might be by popular influencers that you know and others may feature knowledgeable people that aren’t as known in the public. The podcast, Helping Writers Become Authors, features K.M Weiland who has published an extensive amount of both Fantasy Fiction novels and Writers Help Guides. While her podcast is mostly her speaking of her own experiences as a writer and how that can help others, there are many other podcasts that bring in different points of views on certain topics. For example, the well known The Breakfast Club is known for their prodigious guests tackling crazy topics in each knew episode. 

The best –and most fun part– about listening to podcasts is finding the ones that work for you. Because you have such a large about to podcasts to pick from, you get to try out all of them and see what suits you. Do you like listening to one person speak? Two? A large group? On what topics? With what personality? You can never go wrong when picking a podcast. And if you truly don’t enjoy what your listening to, delete the podcast and try someone else. 


You can listen and learn:

While many podcasts are used for pure fun, tons of them are also there to help you learn. Whether it be picking up a new hobby or passing you SATs, there is always a podcast ready to help. The access that you have to podcasts are made easy too. You can listen to podcasts at home, when you’re walking, when you’re commuting, or pretty much anywhere else. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, popping in some earphones are blasting a podcast in the car can help you with any subject by listening along to interviews, shared conversations, and input from the lives of individuals.


Great way to pass the time:

Use podcasts as background while you clean and work or as a replacement for T.V and music. With podcasts ranging anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, they can be a primary source of entertainment. Many news, political comedians, and celebrities have podcasts, so you’re never missing much when you turn off the T. V. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend are all a click away when you download their podcasts. Taking a long road trip or flying for hours becomes much less of a hassle when you’ve got your favorite podcast in hand. 


Kiki has one!:

[Yes, I know, shameless promo] but I promise that it’s worth it. 

KikiTalks, a podcast featuring Kiki herself, is now available on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Listen Notes, and RadioPublic with over 50 episodes ready for your listening ears. Her episodes are all 3-7 minutes long and consist of a large variety of topics. With KikiTalks you get it all: the reading of published pieces from and, thoughts and opinions on movies and T.V. shows, a look into her day to day life, and whatever else she wants to talk about. Links to her podcast will be available above.


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