A Few Thoughts about “Crazy Rich Asians”

by Rayiah Ross and Kiki


I am not Asian but loved seeing so many Asians on screen and knowing that they were also behind the scenes.

I do not want to wait another 25 years to see a film with an all-Asian cast. I do remember The Joy Luck Club.

I am glad film goers of all races embraced this film and made it break opening weekend box office records.


Its fresh to see a romantic comedy with so much representation.

It’s a story with a main character who never never seems to lose sight of herself.

The release of the movie (and the book) is a hugely empowering moment for who has ever been discriminated against and creates a outrageously fun vision of those who build a real life empire.

Besides the main characters, the supporting ones were very multidimensional and all around fun.


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