Black History ‘Erryday’: Happy 47th Birthday Aisha Tyler

aisha tyler

Aisha N. Tyler 9/18/1970 San Francisco, CA.

I met Aisha Tyler twice, once during a fundraiser for The American Red Cross and in a media day in support of The Talk. Here are 10 things I learned:

1. She has a lot of jobs: she is on Whose Line is is Anyway? on CW, and voices Lana Kane on Archer, and Criminal Minds.

2.. She revealed that she typed so fast during a live chat on Facebook, that they had to recode and they didn’t think she was a human being.

3. She went to high school in San Francisco with Margaret Cho.

4. She went to Dartmouth.

5. She was Joey’s girlfriend before she was Ross’ girlfriend on Friends.

6. She has a weekly podcast Girl on Guy and interviews celebrity guests.

7. She is a published author with two books on the New York Times best seller’s list.

8. She is a foodie and a gamer.

9. She was a guest on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

10. She was  married for more than 20 years, now divorced.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, courage, compassion, and blessings.


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