Call for Submissions


by Kiki

I am the c0-founders and co-publishers of Arise 2.0 a global digital multi-media publication by LGBTQ folks of color and our allies, and for everyone.

As they say content is king, so we are looking for submissions.  Blogs, poetry, video, pictures, if you think it is interesting, then others will as well.

Send to me, the editor-in-chief via email

Feel free to copy and share as well and if we find it interesting we will publish to the facebook page, twitter, instagram, and/or the blog.

Just submit please.  Then comment, share, and “invite your friends” to like the page.

Here is our first submission by my friends Paul Pratt and Beth Spotswood:

Beth Spotswood Makeover by Paul Pratt aka Pollo del Mar


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