Decision Making


by Juan Carlos Santisteban
Lima, Peru–To make a decision is sometimes hard. It means many things. it means to turn pages, to forget things and even to forget about people. In my case it was quite different. I was fortunate to meet my friend Jerry 16 years ago. He was a great influence for me. Not only was he a good friend but also a father-brother figure. He used to tell me to move to San Francisco and live there. For one or another reason I never did. Now things are different. He is not with me anymore but his advice will always be and I feel like somehow he is still connected with me.
My life is about to start all over again in a place I like and with people he has introduced me to. Yes, as I said, Jerry is still with me. I thank God for my family and my friends. Now I feel even more thankful because I have gained some new friends and a family too.
They say behind every man there is a great woman. In my case there are more than one. My mom, my grandmom, my sister, my nieces and now my two new sisters : Akilah and Veronika. At first I thought of not mentioning any names but these two ladies are really worth mentioning. Not only did they give me their love and support since our first contact but also a new family. My family.
I have to admit to having had cold feet but now I am certain of this new step in my life and I am really looking forward to it.

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