10 things I Noticed about “Mahābhārata”

It’s a one person show and J Jha brilliantly portrays Itahasvid/Kunti/Draupadi/Amba: Shikhandi/Chitrandaga/Mohini/Bhisma/Karna

The Reality of Everyday Racism

In my opinion, the “signs” are still there. They are no longer openly posted, but in any public place they are still apparent.

Me and Linda Ronstadt

Born in 1946 her singing voice silenced since 2009 and she announced in 2013 the reason, Parkinson’s Disease.

R.I.P. Diahann Carroll

by Kiki Diahann Carroll born Carol Diahann Johnson sunrise 7//17/1935 in New York sunset 10/4/2019. Actress, singer, model. First Black…