10 Things I Noticed from “Dolemite is my Name”

Dolemite was “bone crushing, skull splitting and brain blasting action” Blaxploitation at its finest.

Me and Linda Ronstadt

Born in 1946 her singing voice silenced since 2009 and she announced in 2013 the reason, Parkinson’s Disease.

R.I.P. Diahann Carroll

by Kiki Diahann Carroll born Carol Diahann Johnson sunrise 7//17/1935 in New York sunset 10/4/2019. Actress, singer, model. First Black…

R.I.P. Jessye Norman

by Kiki Jessye Norman sunrise 9/15/1945 Augusta, Georgia, sunset 9/30/2019, New York. She was a soprano opera singer inspired by…

What LGBTQ people want

. . . public policy agendas must “consider intersections of race, class, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, and must focus on economic justice and police accountability as well as on efforts to address racial bias and discrimination due to sexual orientation.”