“MindfulYou” Affirmation Cards

I AM a big fan of affirmations. One of my spiritual gurus, James MacNeil, the “real love guru” advises to only say positive words after “I AM”.

I utilize affirmations daily by writing them out by hand, uttering silently and out loud and reading.

I was gifted a boxed set of 52 affirmation cards by the folks at MindfulYou.

On the back it states:

“Affirmations are a great way to get (and keep) your mind right.

The cards use the four basic elements[earth, wind(air), fire, and water] and their metaphysical properties as themes.

Pick the ones that speak to you and spend time with them. Chose one each day to focus on. Put them around your home so you can see them regularly. Use them as bookmarks. Share them with friends.

Change your thinking, change your life.”

Four affirmations in the deck that immediately spoke to me:

1. “Time to myself is necessary for GROWTH & HEALING”

2. “Miracles occur naturally as expressions of LOVE”

3. “I am a money magnet“

4. I CHOOSE to be happy”

The cards and much more are available for purchase at MindfulYou.life.


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