10 Things I Learned About Walter Mercado

by Kiki

A friend told me about an original documentary on Netflix entitled “Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado”

I had not heard of Walter Mercado and given his stature in pop culture I am not sure how this was possible.

It was a fascinating documentary I highly recommend, and here are 10 things I learned about Walter Mercado:

1. He was born Walter Mercado Salinas 3/9/1932 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He died 11/2/2019.

2. In his own words he “. . . used to be a star, now is a constellation.”

3. He was an astrologer, actor, dancer and writer.

4. He was also known as “Shanti Ananda” translated peace, happiness.

5. He says he was a virgin, “the only one in town”

6. Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan utilized his services.

7. Lin-Manuel was an admirer.

8. He joined the “Psychic Friends Network”

9. He was a “. . . force of nature without the beginnings and endings”

10. Mucho Mucho Amor!


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