Happy Birthday Mel Brooks, 94; Muhammad Yunis, 80; Bruce Davison, 74; Kathy Bates, 72; John Elway, 60; Babatunde Fashola, 57; John Cussack, 54; Tichina Arnold, 51; Aileen Quinn and Elon Musk, 49; and Elaine Thompson, 28

Melvyn Kaminsky born 6/28/1926.

Muhammad Yunus born 6/28/1940.

Bruce Davison born 6/28/1946.

Kathleen Doyle Bates born 6/28/1948.

John Albert Elway born 6/28/1960.

Babatunde Fashola born 6/28/1963.

John Paul Cussack born 6/28/1966.

Tichina Rolanda Arnold born 6/28/1969.

Aileen Marie Quinn born 6/28/1971.

Elon Reeve Musk born 6/28/1971.

Elaine Thompson born 6/28/1992.


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