Happy Birthday: Billy Davis Jr., 82; Chris Isaak, 64; Patty Smyth, 63; Shannon Sharpe, 52; Sean Hayes and Chris O’Donnell, 50; Gretchen Wilson, 47; Derek Jeter, 46; and Michael Vick, 40

Billy Davis Jr. born 6/26/1938

Christopher Joseph Isaak born 6/26/1956

Patty Smyth born 6/26/1957

Shannon Sharpe born 6/26/1968

Sean Patrick Hayes born 6/26/1970

Christopher Eugene O’Donnell born 6/26/1970

Gretchen Frances Wilson born 6/26/1973

Derek Sanderson Jeter born 6/26/1974

Michael Dwayne Vick born 6/26/1980


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