10 Things I Noticed About Disclosure

by Kiki

First of all I love documentaries and was thrilled that Laverne Cox, executive producer of Disclosure, a documentary streaming on Netflix, and I share a love for Yentl.

I know who she is, have never seen “Orange is the New Black” and thank her for her activism and stellar producing.

Here are 10 things I noticed about Disclosure:

1. According to GLAAD 80% of Americans do not personally know someone who is transgender so their notions about transgender folk are formed solely through media representations.

2. According to the Human Rights Campaign 16 transgender or gender non-conforming folks have been killed in 2020, most of them women of color.

3. I didn’t remember Edie Stokes on “The Jeffersons”.

4. Also according to GLAAD after examining 134 representations of transgender characters on television, the most common profession represented was sex worker.

5. After much whitewashing especially at Stonewall, “Paris is Burning” featured trans folks of color.

6. “Living stealth” was the way to survive.

7. “I am Cait” did some good,

8. Marion Wright Edelman said “children cannot be what they cannot see”.

9. “We cannot be a better society until we see that better society. I cannot be in the world until I see that I am in the world” said Yance Ford.

10. “People can evolve. You always have to be skeptical when a few people are elevated and the majority of the people are still struggling. . all that energy from the silver screen won’t be enough to better the lives of trans people off the screen” closes Laverne Cox.


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