Happy Birthday: Dr. Ruth 92, Bruce Dern 84, Michelle Phillips 76, El Debarge and Sam Harris, 59, Al B Sure! 52, and EJ Johnson 28

Karola Ruth Siegel born 6/4/1928 in Wiesenfeld, Germany.

Bruce MacLeigh Dern born 6/4/1936 in Chicago, Illinois.

Holly Michelle Gilliam born 6/4/1944 in Long Beach, California.

Eldra Patrick Debarge born 6/4/1961 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fathered 12 children.

Samuel Kent Harris born 6/4/1961 in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Albert Joseph Brown III born 6/4/1968 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Earvin Johnson III born 6/4/1992 in Beverly Hills, California.


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