Happy 76th Birthday Patti Labelle and Remembering Heavy D

Patricia Louise Holt born 5/24/44 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dwight Errington Myers sunrise 5/24/67 Jamaica, sunset 11/8/2011, Los Angeles, California.

Patti Labelle aka “Godmother of soul”.

Myers aka Heavy D.

Labelle fronted Patti Labelle and the Blue Bells and Labelle.

Heavy D fronted Heavy D and the Boyz.

Labelle was the first black vocal group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Heavy D was the first rapper to head a major music label as president of Uptown Records.

Both were also actors.

Heavy D rapped on Michael Jackson’s Jam and sung the theme songs for In Living Color and MADtv.

Heavy D credited with getting Jodeci signed and for getting Diddy his first job in the music business as an intern at Uptown.


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