10 Things I Noticed about Becoming on Netflix

Former First Lady Michelle Obama did a 34 city book tour with Becoming and on 5/6 Netflix released a documentary about the tour and more, appropriate entitled Becoming.

Just when you think you cannot love and admire Michelle Obama any more, watch this wonderful documentary and you will. I cried tears of joy and admiration.

Here are 10 things I noticed about Becoming on Netflix:

1. She can play the piano.

2. Her father had MS.

3. Barack started out as her mentee.

4. Craig Robinson is her brother.

5. The moderators on the tour included Reese Witherspoon, Valerie Jarrett, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Gayle King.

6. The importance of family meals.

7. She had a fashion stylist and consultant.

8. Gunshots hit the Whitehouse during their tenure.

9. “When they go low, we go high”.

10. “Sharing our stories breaks down barriers”.


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