10 Things I Noticed about Zoom

Okay, we have all been attending more virtual meetings, in particular, Zoom.

I have learned a lot, particularly when one gets beyond the basic free Zoom.

Here are 10 things I noticed about Zoom:

1. You can record a meeting and save it to the cloud.

2. You can do a “spotlight video” that focuses on the speaker and takes up the entire screen, eliminating the Brady Bunch/Hollywood Squares set up although Zoom says you can also have 49 folks on a screen.

3. As host, you have a lot of power, you can mute, unmute, remove videos, and admit and send folks to and from the waiting room.

4. You can rename yourself.

5. You can change the virtual background.

6. You can upgrade from the free basic to have more folks and lots more options.

7. You can set a chime as a notification when someone leaves or enters a room.

8. You don’t have to have a password despite the increase of zoombombing

9. You can chat.

10. You can share your screen.


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