10 Things I CAN Do During a Shelter in Place

I am of the 6.7 million people in the 6 Oakland Bay Area Counties directed to “shelter in place” effective March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day to 4/7/2020 to contain the Coronavirus outbreak.

We are required to remain indoors except for “essential needs”, like going to get groceries. We can go outside for walks if we maintain social distancing of 6 feet from folks not in our family.

That’s what I can do, here are “10 things I CAN do during a shelter in place”:

And I choose to focus on what I CAN do:

1. “I choose to dwell in the Universe of Love” —Marianne Williamson, Day 77 A Year of Miracles.

2. I can laugh, have fun, rest and relax.

3. I can virtually connect with folks.

4. I can spend time with the two other family I live with, my wife and our son.

5. I can produce content: write, vlog, blog, and podcast.

6. I can listen to music.

7. I can binge watch and read.

8. I can actively participate in social media.

9. I can mail thank you notes daily.

10. I can be grateful for my wonderful life, my home, technology, food, family, and love and be compassionate with those who are without.

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