10 Things I Noticed about “The Last Ship”

by Kiki

I saw “Sting Starring in The Last Ship The Musical” at the Golden Gate Theatre on March 7th.

Here are 10 things I noticed:

1. Sting wrote the music and the lyrics.

2. There is a biblical theme, character of Gideon, references to Noah, Moses. and Job and the labor movement.

3. Three great lines: “top notch parenting”; “You know Rome wasn’t built in a day, they didn’t have me as a foreman”; and “you are what you do”.

4. Musical references to “Sonnie and Cher” and the walrus (Paul is the walrus?)

5. The timeline is from 1960 – 1977.

6. There is a history of shipbuilding and protest from 1294 – 2016 in the playbill.

7. There is also a Geordie (the dialect of Tyneside in the North East of England) in the playbill. It has more than 20 words although the only one I heard and remembered is “aye” which means yes.

8. There were two folks doing ASL interpreting.

9. Sting grew up in the ship building industry.

10. It was inspired by Sting’s album “The Soul Cage’s.


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