10 Things I Noticed About “The Irishman”

by Kiki

This phenomenon of movies being released theatrically and streamed on Netflix in the same month caught me by surprise.

I saw this movie on 1/21/2020.

Here are 10 Things I Noticed About “The Irishman”:

1. Martin Scorsese is a brilliant director.

2. Onscreen title is also “I Hear You Paint Houses” it is not literal.

3. I have newfound respect for Ray Ramano’s acting chops

4. Al Pacino is stunning as Jimmy Hoffa.

5. It’s epically lengthy over 3 hours.

6. Good to hear Don Rickles humor, an equal opportunity offender.

7. Booby Kennedy.

8. Hoffa received a Presidential pardon from Nixon after being in prison for 4 years.

9. The digital de-aging effects are stunning for DeNiro, Pacino and Pesci.

10. Anna Paquin and Harvey Keitel in the same movie since “The Piano” for which she won an Oscar for at age 11.


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