10 Things I Noticed about Robert Townsend

by Kiki

Like Susan L. Taylor, I do have lots in common with Robert Townsend, both born in 1957, divorced, children, two daughters, one son, playwrights, okay mine is still being workshopped. . ..

I saw Robert at the Marsh in Berkeley in “Living the Shuffle”, 90 minutes, no intermission co-produced by Don Reed.

It’s brilliant and extended through 12/15. Spoiler alert, here are 10 things I noticed about Robert Townsend:

1. He is an honorary member of “The Rat Pack”. “Jumped in” by Old Blue Eyes himself and roasted by Don Rickles in Vegas.

2. He auditioned for SNL for the 1980-81 cast but Eddie Murphy got cast instead according to Wikipedia.

3. He and Denzel, do I need a last name, were struggling actors in New York together.

4. Eric Butterworth, author and New Thought leader changed his life.

5. Sidney Poitier was an influencer on his life and career.

6. He made history by being nominated for over 30 NAACP Image awards.

7. His nickname growing up was “the tv guy”.

8. He directed Eddie Murphy in “Raw”.

9. He climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!

10. Everyone wants to get to the top of the mountain and you should also “enjoy the mud”.


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