10 Things I Noticed from “Dolemite is my Name”

by Kiki

Spoiler Alert.

I vaguely remember Rudy Ray Moore (né Rudolph Frank Moore 1927 -2008) and his character Dolemite. Never saw the movies but I think I saw him on Martin.

I really enjoyed this movie and Eddie Murphy’s acting and appreciate it for the BlackHistoryEveryday.com info and the dedication to Charley Murphy, Eddie’s older brother who died in 2017.

Currently streaming on Netflix here are 10 Things I Noticed from “Dolemite is my Name”:

1. Da’Vine Joy Randolph did the thing as Lady Reed/Queen Bee.

2. Do not sleep on Snoop Dogg, Mike Epps, T.I., Luenell, Tasha Smith and Chris Rock and Wesley Snipes.

3. The Dolemite films were influenced by The Front Page.

4. Rudy Ray Moore was influenced by Redd Fox and playing the dozens.

5. Snoop Dogg was influenced by Rudy Ray and said that without Rudy Ray there would be no Snoop.

6. Rudy Ray was dubbed “Godfather of Rap”.

7. Rudy Ray was also influenced by Pigmeat Markham.

8. “Rappin’ and tappin’ ” was Rudy Ray’s game.

9. Rudy Ray said “live the life you love and love the love you live” and “. . . be the best of whatever you are” and “if you shoot for the moon and miss, hang onto a Mother F****** star”

10. Dolemite was “bone crushing, skull splitting and brain blasting action” Blaxploitation at its finest.


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