10 Things I Noticed about “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

by Kiki

1. Quentin Tarantino is a genius well written, directed and produced.

2. The music is great especially Jose Feliciano’s rendition of California Dreamin

3. “Don’t let the Mexicans see you crying”

4. First time I heard “poontang” used in a movie.

5. Brad Pitt’s nipples and “John Wilkes Booth”

6. Leonardo DiCaprio is magnificent.

7. Dakota “Squeaky Fromme” Fanning and Margot “Sharon Tate” Robbie.

8. Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern (taking over role cast for the late great Burt Reynolds, and Brenda Vaccaro and Al Pacino.

9. Luke Perry’s last movie.

10. Rumor Willis, Bruce Lee, and Charlie and the Manson Family.


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