10 Things I Noticed about Sweet Honey in the Rock

by Kiki

I saw Sweet Honey in the Rock perform at Freight & Salvedge in Berkeley CA.

Here are 10 things I noticed:

1. They practice diversity and inclusion, the formerly all women’s group has a male member.

2. They are celebrating 45 years in the business.

3. They were founded by Bernice Reagon who left the group in 2004.

4. The group name is based on Psalm 81:14 which describes a land so rich when a rock was cracked open honey flowed from it.

5. The group originated from Washington D.C.

6. The a cappella group originally had 4 members, now has 6.

7. One of the members of the group signs the songs.

8. There are two original members still touring with the group, Louise Robinson and Carol Lynn Maillard.

9. 20 folks have performed with the group over the years.

10. They have Grammy nominations and awards.


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