7/11 Day aka “Free Slurpee Day”

by Eman A. Borou

If you didn’t know every year 7-Eleven has a day where they give away free small Slurpees and it’s become a tradition for me to go and drink away my problems. I am a Muslim and we fast for a span of 29 or 30 days in the Islamic month called Ramadan. In this month we fast from sunrise to sunset without water it’s hard but gets easier with practice. On my first year of fasting these two events coincided on the same day. I was crushed and almost broke my fast that day but I just saw it as a way God was testing me to see my resistance to temptations. I powered through that day, well I really just slept but I made it through but I was bitter until the next year came around so I could have a free treat. 


by Rachal Pannu

The first time I experienced the free 7-Eleven slurpee on July 11 aka 7/11 was a few years back with my cousins. I had no idea what my cousins were so excited for but they acted like it was “Black Friday” for kids. As we went to the 7-Eleven the first thing I noticed were the insane lines. I’ve always had slurpees but it was better this time. I guess food really does taste better when it’s free. Although I loved the slurpee I think I loved the memory with my cousins and the rush more. It was just how much excitement a free cup of slurpee could cause and how many sugar rush smiles filled the crowd. I can’t wait for the next 7/11 to experience the slurpee rush again and you can too at your local 7-Eleven.

Editor’s note:

7/11 day has been around since 2002. This year if you download the app you can also get a coupon for a free Slurpee of any size.


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