10 Things I Learned from “Green Book”

by Kiki

1. I grew up in the south and traveled there during the 1960s and had never heard of The Negro Motorist Green-book: A Classified Motorist’s & Tourist’s Guide Covering the United States.

2. I had never heard of Dr. Don Shirley.

3. Mahershala Ali apologized to Shirley’s family about their displeasure of the accuracy of the real character’s portrayal.

4. Octavia Spencer is an executive producer.

5. Shirley and Tony Lip, the driver, died within months of each other in 2013.

6. Some folks are comparing it to Driving Miss Daisy.

7. It’s good when you know the U.S. Attorney General. Robert F. Kennedy.

8. Viggo Mortensen put on 40 to 50 pounds for the role of Tony.

9. Quincy Jones called Shirley “. . . one of America’s great pianist.”

10. Ali has amazing coaching for his role as a pianist.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, courage, compassion, and blessings.


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