Happy Birthday Dennis Thompson

by Kiki

Dennis Thompson born 4/1/54 with Elizabeth Ann Thompson (a.k.a. Akilah Monifa, Akilah Bolden-Monifa, Kiki Monifa, and Kiki) born 4/3/57. Pictured above in 1959.

Happy birthday to my brother, estranged from the family, including myself for nearly 5 years.

He attended my first wedding in 2008.

I cannot explain why he is not in contact with family.

Our mother, Shirley Ann Thompson, had Alzheimer’s and passed in 2013.

Dennis lived near, found her after she fell in her home and could not reach the phone. We don’t know how long she lay on the floor, incontinent.

He was not the same after that. Our mother was in a nursing home for a time and was living with Dennis when she fell into a coma and died.

My birthday wish for Dennis is that he reunite with his family.

My birthday wish for myself is that I am my highest self in all of my relationships, with Dennis, my partner, my children, our father, all of my family, and my higher power.

Happy Easter.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, compassion, and blessings.


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