Uber Ride Passes and Pools

by Kiki

Since April of 2016 I decided to give up car ownership. I am walking and using public transportation more.

I have both there Uber and Lyft apps and have been fortunate enough to purchase a “ride pass” from the former.

The ride pass was $12 for a 30 day period and offered unlimited rides in an area exclusive of trips to the airports for uberPOOL, express pool, and uberX.

I rode from Alameda to Pinole door-to-door for $2.49 in an Uber Express Pool. I was solo, but there can be up to 3 passengers. With the Express Pool you may have to walk a couple of blocks to your pick up point but it’s less expensive than uberPOOL and sometimes less expensive than BART.

The “ride pass” was not guaranteed and sometimes I would get a notice that the passes were sold out.

Currently I have one day left on the “ride pass” with the express pool costing $2.49, the POOL $3.49 and uberX being $6.99. My average ride is $4.26 and I have saved $688 while using the “ride pass”.

When I clicked in the app on “buy more passes” I was offered a “route pass” option for the next 30 days for $15. This option locks in a discounted rate for travel back and forth between the same two points and a 15% discount on all other rides.

When I put in my Alameda to Pinole destination it was not included in the “route pass” option.

I tweeted UberSupport and asked if the route pass was the only ride pass option in the SF Bay area but did not get confirmation.

More later.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, courage, compassion, and blessings.


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