Happy Birthday Melvin Franklin (R.I.P.)


David Melvin English sunrise 10/12/1942 Montgomery, AL, sunset 2/23/1995 Detroit, MI.

A.K.A. Blue.

Singer, actor, and voice actor.

Married with six children.

He had arthritis and diabetes.

I grew up with The Temptations and knew a lot of the music and a little of the history of the Temps, the “greatest group in all R & B” and Motown.
Blue and the sole surviving ‘Classic 5′ Temp, Otis Williams were the only Temptations to never leave the group.
Over the years there were 24 Temps.
They still perform today with Otis Williams as one of the 5.
They were the first Motown group to win a Grammy.
It was their 25th song released that was a hit.
Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, courage, compassion, and blessings.

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