Courageous Risk

Written by Rev. MacArthur H. Flournoy M.Div,

When called upon by his family and Houston community members to guard against risking his own life in the face of Hurricane Harvey, a 30 year veteran of the Houston Police Department offered a simple and straightforward response, “I have work to do.”

In seeking to save the life of others, he lost his life. My mind wonders what thoughts come to mind when you’re facing a life-threatening situation, you assess your environment realizing that if you take action, it could cost you your life. What compels someone to move into the deep courageous waters of risk, because you realize you have work to do? My thoughts and prayers are with this officer’s family and loved ones.

I hear a charge in his words challenging all of us to step outside of ourselves, our respective comfort zones and risk loving one another with action. Identity politics really don’t matter to me now. What does matter is the heart of a civil servant, who placed the well-being of others above his own life. We can learn something from this. I hope we are encouraged to reach for everyone and anyone, even when it requires risk; maybe especially when it requires risk. If there ever was a time that we needed one another, that time is now..


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