Review of ‘Too Fat Too Slutty Too Loud: The Rise of the Unruly Woman’

too fat

by Kiki

I saw this book on the new book shelf at the San Leandro Public Library.  I had not heard of it nor its author, Anne Helen Petersen, the culture writer at Buzzfeed.  Anne has a PhD in media studies from the University of Texas.  She writes about culture, celebrity and feminism.  Her first book was Scandals of Classic Hollywood.

She writes about Serena Williams, “too strong”; Melissa McCarthy, “too fat”; Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, “too gross”; Nicki Minaj, “too slutty”; Madonna, “too old”; Kim Kardashian, “too pregnant”; Hillary Clinton, “too shrill”; Caitlyn Jenner, “too queer”; Jennifer Weiner, “too loud”; and Lena Dunham, “too naked”.

“This book is a celebration, but it’s also a warning:  right now, it’s cool to be unruly and, by extension, easy to understand both its appeal and it’s progressive power”.

Thank you Anne Helen from this unruly woman.



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