Review of ‘Big Game Bigger Impact’


by Kiki

First and foremost, I am a football fan.  I had the pleasure of working at CBS San Francisco during the planning for Super Bowl 50 which aired on CBS.

I know both the authors of Big Game Bigger Impact:  How the Bay Area Redefined the Super Bowl Experience and the Lessons That Can Apply to Any Business, Pat Gallagher, EVP of marketing, communications and partnerships, and Stephanie Martin were on the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee that had their offices in the same building I was working out of.

Pat and Stephanie and the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee “talked the talk” and “walked the walk” about certainly hosting the first Super Bowl in the San Francisco Bay Area in 30 years but also to also make the process “the most giving, most shared and most participatory Big Game to date”.

I remember sitting in the meetings and not understanding the who, whats, whys or hows of these endeavor.

In Big Game with a forward by Jim Plunkett, they both outline the process and as the title notes give a roadmap to how their business model can apply to any business.

Everyone knows that sports is a microcosm of life and it’s so refreshing to see that the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee did the Game and made it about so much more than the game.

Here are some stats from Chapter 17, Super Bowl 50 by the Numbers:

Most Giving:

A record for $13 million donated to 141 nonprofits in 12 counties.

Most Shared on Social Media.

5,500 volunteers, 100,000 volunteer hours, 15,000 volunteer shifts, 2.507 community services hours.

Each chapter has key lessons enumerated after it.

This book is a must read not only to understand the Super Bowl 50 and beyond experiences and lessons that can apply to any business.  As an owner of a LGBT/minority/women owned business, I will keep this book as a manual for my business, Arise Global Media, LLC, and I highly recommend it for everyone, regardless of whether you like sports or not.  It’s good for all businesses.

Thank you Pat and Stephanie for your work with the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee and for a manual for socially conscious businesses.  Also a great read.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, compassion, courage, and blessings.


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