25 Local Nonprofit Organizations

By Rayiah R.

These 25 Nonprofit Organizations by East Bay Express confront the importance of our surrounding community. These organizations are a steady source of employment and vital to our economic well-being. Ranging anywhere from children and animal services to food and health, these Bay Area organizations provide excellent and unconditional support.

  1. Citizen Schools
  2. The Milo Foundation
  3. Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center
  4. Wild Oakland
  5. Oakland Dog Owners Group
  6. Best Friends Animal Society
  7. East Bay SPCA
  8. Alameda County Community Food Bank
  9. Ecology Center
  10. East Bay Food Not Bombs
  11. Midway Shelter Of Alabama
  12. 51Oakland
  13. Americans for Safe Access
  14. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
  15. Girls Inc. of Alameda County
  16. Berkeley Free Clinic
  17. Pacific Center for Human Growth
  18. Superior Martial Arts
  19. Attitudinal Healing Connection
  20. Marijuana Lifer Project
  21. Sarana Community Acupuncture
  22. American Lung Associations
  23. Museum of Children’s Arts
  24. The No Kill Advocacy Center
  25. Operation Dignity



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