7 Things That Wouldn’t Exist Without Black People

By Rayiah R.

Did you know Nathan Green, a former slave taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey? or that black people created Rock and Roll? Black folks have spent years without recognition, but today we are going to change that. This is a list of 7 things that wouldn’t exist without black people.

  • Three Signal Traffic Light

Garrett Morgan saw a carriage crash in the Cleveland intersection and was struck with inspiration. By 1923, he had invented a version of the three signal traffic light and became the only black man in his city to own a car.

  • Laser Cataract Surgery

Patricia Bath, who attended Howard University, is responsible for creating the device used for laser cataract surgery. This instrument would be able to recover the sight of several individuals who had been blind for over 30 years.

  • Touch Tone Phone

Shirley Ann Jackson, who was the first black woman to graduate with a Ph. D. from M.I.T, created the touch-tone phone, caller I.D. and call waiting.

  • 3-D Special Effects

Marc Hannah co-founded Silicon Graphics, Inc. His computer programs were instrumental in the creation of special effects for films like Jurassic Park, “Beauty and the Beast” and more.

  • Cornrows

Cornrow braids may be as old as 500 B.C. They are widespread and Africa, and defiantly not a new trend.

  • Rap Culture

From The Sugarhill Gang to Tupac, the birth of rap music in America is essentially tied to African American procreators.

  • America

This may be hard to believe but -gasp- North America was home to millions of indigenous people before Europeans showed up and killed most of them. The invaders claimed to have “discovered” the place, set up their own governments, and tried to kick us all out.


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