Uber Chronicles

by Kiki

As of April 3, 2017, my 60th birthday,  I am no longer a car owner.  When I need a car I rent one and I also use public transportation and rent a bike.

But Uber is the main source of my transportation and usually Uber Pool.  I have had some amazing experiences and wanted to start an Uber chronicle last month, but didn’t write anything, so here is the first of many.

Today’s Uber Pool was remarkable, the driver, Q, has been driving for two years with nearly 4,000 rides (they have profiles) with a 4.92 rating.  She has had 2,000 5 star trips.

My rating is 4.94.

My ride with Q was 3.29 miles and took 30 minutes.  The base price was $3.49 and I tipped her $1.00.  The least expensive public transit ride would have been $2.15, taken longer, and I usually don’t meet people on the bus.

Oh, I have a SF pass which expires 8/4.  I get unlimited rides, the pool for $3.49 and UberX for $6.99.  With the pass my average ride is $1.77, I have saved $53 with this pass and $163 lifetime.

Q did a few things that I am grateful for.  One, she turned around to pick me up right in front of my home so I didn’t have to cross the street.  Two, she introduced the other carpoolers to each other.  I found out that she had given a ride before to Carol and her grandchildren.  She waited for Darnell who got in the car and remember that he had left his wallet and had to go back in and retrieve.  Three, she asked if I had a preferred way of getting to my destination.

Her conversation was great, she was born in Oakland, I have lived here for nearly 40 years and we talked about the changes.  She was very positive and shared that her 11 year old daughter has sickle cell anemia and is currently in the hospital.  I told her that I would keep her daughter in my prayers.

Her profile said to ask her about restaurants and parks, my only regret on the ride is that I did not.

And no, I am not boycotting Uber for Lyft and shout out to them for hiring Bozema Saint John as their Chief Brand Officer and to board member and one of my sheroes, Arianna Huffington for suggesting the hire.  Also shout out for their campaign of 180 days of change.

More later as my journeys continue.  And if you have never ridden Uber before and want to check it out, please use my code, esd76, for a free ride.








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