Top 50 LGBT Owned Business

By Rayiah R.

This is a list of a Top 50 LGBT Owned Business by The San Francisco Business Times (SFBT). According to SFBT, 2,479 employees are working for all  the companies on the list combined. Also, on average 8.02 local LGBT owned businesses rate the Bay Area for doing businesses on a scale from 1 to 10. Ten meaning it’s an ideal place to operate an LGBT owned company and one meaning it’s terrible. More than half of the 95 companies surveyed by SFBT responded to the survey deemed the Bay Area a 10 for perfect business.

  1. Fine Line Construction – D.F.P.F. Corporation
  2. Granite Solutions Groupe Inc.
  3. Olivia Travel
  4. Equator Coffees & Teas
  5. Got Light
  6. Bateman Group
  7. Catered Too!
  8. Laner Electric Supply
  9. Brenda’s French Soul Food
  10. Schoenberg Family Law Group
  11. Hobee’s Restaurant
  12. Dolores Park Cafe
  13. Silverman & Light Inc
  14. AMSI Real Estate Services
  15. Action Figures Convention Staffing
  16. BSTRO
  17. Brio Financial Group
  18. AsiaSF
  19.  Happy Hound Play & Daycare
  20. AWG Private Chefs
  21. Cliff Consulting
  22. JuiceShack
  23. Vanguard Properties
  24. Landis Communications Inc.
  25. Mudpuppy’s
  26. HDR Remodeling 
  27. Andrew Freeman & CO
  28. The Henne Group
  29. Demonstrate Pr
  30. SF Oasis
  31. Lookout
  32. Financial Connections Group INC.
  33. Q.Digital
  34. IDK Events LLC
  35. Moustache Baked Goods/Noble Folk
  36. Ripplemakers Inc.
  37. OptionONE Care At Home
  38. Jamber Wine Pub
  39. J Floral Art Inc.
  40. Canes Realty Inc.
  41. Canela Bistro & Wine Bar
  42. Community Marketing & Insights
  43. Juhu Beach Club
  44. In-Symmetry Wellness Spa
  45. Beyond Just Tax
  46. Azucar Lounge
  47. A52 Signs and Graphics
  48. Wooden Table Baking Co.
  49. Jc Young Construction Inc.

    If you wished to be surveyed when The List is next updated, or if you wish to be considered for another List, email your contact information to Julia Cooper. This list and other LGBT/ Black History facts are located on our Arise Facebook page.


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