For Colored Girls


by Kin Folkz aka Monica Anderson

A Touring Direct Effect Art Action Calling National Attention To Missing Black Women And Girls

Touring performance of Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls aims to uplift plight of missing Black girls and women .

When: Thursday, May 25th & Friday, May 26th

Time: 5pm (Expo and Doors Open)

Where: 900 Fallon Street – Odell Johnson Theater, Oakland, California

The recent 40th anniversary of Ntozake Shange’s seminal choreopoem For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf continues to bring people together to celebrate, create art and/or heal from trauma.
Noted Black women artists and activists are staging an updated version entitled For Colored Girls 2017 to address a variety of social justice issues, such as the institutional and media trivialization in the U.S. towards the crisis of missing Black women and girls. The ensemble cast of readers includes Thea Matthews, Kiki Nicole, Sais Beraka, Nann Tsehay, Bobbi Kindred, Audacious I Am, Thais, Be Steadwell (recently performed at the Women’s March on Washington) and Cat Brooks (Anti Police-Terror Project founder).

This progressive production was envisioned and is directed by veteran Oakland community organizer and SQM founder Kin Folkz aka Monica Anderson, who writes, “This ‘justice seeking art action’ intends to draw attention to the 75,000 missing and Black women and girls in the U.S. – a demographic representing less than 7% of Americans yet over 35% of all missing persons cases. The stories of missing Black and Indigenous women and girls are rarely told by major news networks or even reach the public via Amber Alerts.”

Brooks writes, “This timeless piece of art is important right now as we highlight the invisibleness of Black girls and women and call attention to the emotional, psychological and physical abuse our bodies are subject to in today’s America. It’s also important because this piece beautifully demonstrates our resilience, creativity, and community. No matter what is thrown at us – we thrive.”

In collaboration with the For Colored Girls 2017 justice seeking art action, Kin Folkz has joined efforts with Regina Evans (of Regina’s Door) who will unveil a May 24th Lake Merritt ritual performance piece entitled CEREMONY to raise awareness of the resistance against the human trafficking of Black women and girls.
Regina Evans shares that “Oakland is ground zero for underage human trafficking in America. Everyday, in our city, black and brown girls are being suffocated by this oppression. I call in love. I call in empathy. I call in justice. On their behalf. And I challenge the beloved community to join forces. So that our sacred babies might live.”

This staged protest will offer tangible support, proactive skills and useful information while raising awareness for organizations that protect the rights of Black women and girls. There’ll also be a live art exhibit and social justice expo and petition signing/postcard-creating station. Though starting in the Bay Area, the production also hopes to tour across the U.S.
We ask that folks participate in our ticket donation drive to gift tickets to the art action to marginalized women and youth in programs serving their wellness. For more details about this 3-day action or to purchase a ticket to donate please visit: SpectrumQueerMedia


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