New Sheriff in Town?: Gig: Get in. Go

IMG_8132by Kiki

I was walking, having given up car ownership, when I noticed a car with “GIG car share” written on it.  I went to the site and also read a couple of articles.

GIG is nation-wide and started in April in Oakland and Berkeley.  It’s one way car sharing powered by AAA.  They only have Toyota Prius Hybrids with 5 seats, 2 bike racks on top. You may reserve up to 30 minutes in advance.

I downloaded the app and scanned by driver’s license and entered my credit card info and a promo code.  Try HEYGIG for a $85 credit.

The app lists the exact location of available cars, how much gas is in the car, how much it costs to rent and how much for minute you are charged for parking it if you “park and come back” en route.

When you find the car you unlock it with the app, no key is needed, and push the “power” button and break to start the vehicle and go.  It was my fist time driving a Prius and I did not realize how quiet they are.

When you finish just park in the HomeZone, turn off the car and when you leave hit “end booking” in the app and it will lock the car.

There is a printed map in glove compartment to show you the HomeZones as well as it being shown in the app.

It’s a great app and you do not have to return it to the same spot.  They have some designated spots at the Oakland Airport and some BART stations as well.

You can rent it for minutes or by the hour or day.  Gig figures out the best rate.  They have a 24 hour member support number you can call through the app if you have questions.

There is no membership.  A great and convenient alternative to Zipcar, Car2Go, Enterprise CarShare et al.

I will use again.

Let me know what you think if you use it.



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