Celebrating Me! (Turning 50)


by Paul L. Grace-Neal

5 0 – 5 0 and I’m not talking about the police. Because as a proud Black man, my fury may not be at peace.

5 0 -5 0, it’s a joy to be.  49 years and now I’m half a century.

From oozing through the narrow birth canal with another to one day… becoming a brother.

Right on! Right on! Hence begins the Crescent of a new dawn.

As I begin the second have of my hopeful 100, I am grateful that I am not dead.

50 must be the new 20 because today I feel young and free.  No longer insecure and wreckless, I have gained so much and I am bless-ed.

Clarification and and dedication
I am me.

Rejuvenation and Rectification —
I am all that I can be.

I have been molded over and over and over ore
And first and foremost The Divine is shaping my inner core…

My Spirit. My purpose.  My reason for being.

No no longer blind.  I am all seeing.

I see visions of where I am going by my Creator since S\He is all knowing.

I hear a song of jubilee
Because I am free.

I feel the Spirit of God moving within
Today, my life is better than it’s ever been.

5 0 – 5 0 — Yes! A celebration!!!
I’m going to yell out to the Nation-
East. West. South. and North,
Come forth for this auspicious occasion.
Do it freely without persuasion.

I don’t want to pushy
But I am happy.

You see… there were times when I didn’t think I would see this day.
I spent times trippin’.
I was cray-cray.
I was a hellion running helter skelter
Running through life with no need for a metaphorical shelter.

Now, I am rooted and grounded standing on my hopes and dreams he can opportunities yet unseen.

As I stand had an open door I want more.

I want to experience the gift of the Divine all that I may reach out to others, my sisters and brothers.

I want the divine to move through me to heal others hurt and pain so that they may gain…

New aspirations that they may sore and reach higher and higher because your soul is on fire.

5 0 – 5 0 let it be so.
Ashe’ and Amen.
Because life gets better and better than it has ever been.
5 0 – 5 0 — Yes! A celebration!!!
Join me in this awesome occasion!!!


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