Meet Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

In honor of International Women’s Month, ARISE 2.0 celebrates Amani Al-Khatahtbeh a 24-year-old author, blogger, feminist who is Muslim. Amani is the founder of #MuslimWomensDay.

We respect anyone who steps forward in courage, to honor and celebrate the beauty, complexity and pluralistic cultures of the world we share. Arise 2.0 is especially excited when we see people of color creating ways and spaces for everyone to learn more about various cultures, faith traditions and communities.

Ms. Khatahtbrh is definitely someone who merits our respect as she has emerged as a contemporary informed feminist Muslim voice, elevating our understanding of Muslims, globally.

ARISE 2.0 celebrates Amani Al-Khatantbah for her visionary leadership, decisive action and determination to transform our world with education. By lifting her voice, in time, Amani may very well broaden and deepen our respect for Muslim women.

Our hope is that Amani’s voice, along with other Muslim voices, will heighten our awareness of Muslims, transforming the current political climate where Islamophobia is enshrined in legislation, under the guise of keeping us “safe” from Muslims.

To honor Amani does not require anyone to be a woman or Muslim. If you are a person committed to human rights, equality for all and justice  –  then, you can stand with ARISE 2.0 and recognize that we have an informed, courageous, modernistic voice that has emerged in our midst. Her names is Amani Al-Khatahtbeh.


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