Who You Callin’ “Old G”

Written By MacArthur H. Flournoy

It’s happening with greater frequency, and quite honestly, I don’t like it. While at the gym the other day, one of those “perfect body guys” (who’s jealous) asked me “are you through with that machine – Old G. While waiting to get my haircut the next day, my barber – of all people, asked me “what’s been going on Old G”.

Today, while taking a trip to San Francisco – a rather stylish man, offered what was clearly intended to be a compliment “I like that scarf Old G

Within the African-American community, the phrase Old G is a form of respect which I believe found it’s roots in the phrase Original Gangster.

It is as much a recognition that one has arrived at the age “maturity,” as much as it is a form of respect and endearment – which I take to mean old. I’m yet learning how to age gracefully.

So in place of Old G I have an alternative: Grown and Sexy.  I get how that might be problematic for one man to say to another man in our heterosexist society.

At the end of the day, the title Old G while intended to be a sign of respect, that moniker puts me in direct conversation with my own mortality. Maybe that sounds somewhat severe, but I don’t need anymore reminders that I’m aging, as my body reminds me of this beautiful truth every day of this life, strange noises and all.

So, thank you very much gym guy, my all too familiar barber, and the stylish young brother on the train.

Henceforth, I am to be known as Mr. Grown & Sexy, the man formerly known as – MacArthur.

#black lives matter    #blackpeople    #lgbtq


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