#Oscar Fail #WeAreEverywhere


by Kiki

I have it on good authority that you can say anything if you proceed it with “I’m just saying (ijs)”  So, ijs:

I am generally not a conspiracy theorist, but why did it happen to the black gay movie?  Oh, like you weren’t thinking that, especially if you are black, or LGBTQ, or both like me.

Here are my thoughts, first after an envelope is given in a category why not remove that envelope from both briefcases?

Second if I am Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presenting for Best Picture why not double check that Best Picture is actually on the envelope?

So Warren was understandably confused when the envelope had the name of an actress instead of the name of a movie.  So after stumbling and mumbling he hands the envelope to Faye without telling her he is really confused and she simply reads the name of the movie listed on the card.

Lucy, you still got some splain’n to do.

Peace, love, gratitude, joy, faith, compassion, blessings.


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