Black Panthers, Dispelling Fear and Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Akilah Monifa is comfortable holding the attention of an audience, with her erudite communication style.  Having recently attended an art exhibition, All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50, Akilah,  Editor-in-Chief of Arise 2.0, was prepared to capture the attention of Lavender Senior members, Friday, February 17, 2017. 

She is the primarily a journalist, but her love for research makes her effective educator. As her BFF and business partner, I can tell you Akilah is not known for subtlety. Tact, yes. Professional, always. Informed and prepared – one of her most reliable characteristics. Still, her communication style is direct, strong – some might say persuasive.

That afternoon, as I made every effort to hold the camera still, without too much movement, I watched the faces of those who listened intently. Afterwards, she was chatted up considerably. Check out her talk. I guarantee you – there is something new to be learned about The Black Panthers at 50.



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