Thank You Rev. Andriette: Heart and Soul Center of Light


I didn’t want to go to church today, it was too much, the timing wasn’t right, and so on.

I knew I needed to go to church.  I knew that LaToya London was singing, but that’s not why I needed to go, I always need to go.  And when I don’t go, I get the CDs.

And it’s always what I need and it’s just the right amount.  And yes I am usually full within the first five minutes and you could drop the mic.

Today I put aside fear and worry about leaving my 13 year old son with asperger syndrome  without adult supervision. He was with a friend  and my daughter.

Let’s cut to the chase, the fear was  blocking me, but I didn’t allow it to.  Everything was fine, especially me.

I needed to be healed, to be touched, to be in community, to hear, to listen, to learn, and to just be.

So, it is in gratitude I thank you for the community that is Heart and Soul Center of Light.

I saw Suzette Celeste as I was entering and she introduced me to her daughter.

I walked into the ministry of Sonia Russell.

You say your ” . . . ministry as a gift to the world increases exponentially.  We are here for all people and we make a quantifiable positive difference on the planet.”  The understatement of the century.

I once told you that I didn’t come to church weekly because it was too much to absorb.  But now I am happy to come and sometimes even do a double.

Then I come back on Tuesdays for the Financial Freedom class with you and Revalo, and yes I will record the PBS series on Dr. Maya Angelou.

The Mystic Bible experience with C. Michael and Valerie Joi gets me to appreciate the bible and more chance for community.

I love the multi-media aspect of HSCL.  Love the slides, the music ministry, the prayers, the chanting, the hugging and touching.

I love being of service and that Alicia allowed me to help with the offering.

I had created a space where I was Audre Lorde’s “Sister Outsider” pointing a finger at how I was outside the cliques and didn’t fit in.  I got over myself and starting speaking to folks and making an effort.  I was the block.

I tagged on Facebook when I checked in:  Branice Williams McKenzie, Gina Breedlove, Ambessa TheArticulate Cantave, Sonia Russell, Dennie Sueirro, you, Diana Smith, Valerie Joi Fiddmont, Alicia Mccauley, Richelle Donigan, Muslimah Mohammed, Danyelle Jennings, Suzzette Celeste Johnson, Lillie Robinson, Adrienne Robinson, Lillie Utley, Bob Nissim, Jacklyn P. Williams, Maude Wilson, Kysha Mitchell, deb Kersey, Tyrone Cosey, Felicia Williams Cosey, Amanda Beane (my prayer partner), Mali Carter, Glenn Alexander, Akanke Adefunmi, Brenda Wade and Anthony Dart.

And these are just the folks I am Facebook friends with and I missed a few folks too.

You dropped a ton of knowledge as did the youth.

And you share the wealth.  You are a teacher who brings us other teachers.

Yes I am reading Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening daily, I have two copies, an electronic one and a paper one.

I have several gratitude journals and I am loving One Year Wiser:  A Gratitude Journal by Mike Medaglia.

Thanks for literally calling out the name of my BFF/co-founder/publisher of Arise 2.o, MacArthur.  He echoed what I though of church today and everyday:  “mindblowing”  He bought books by Maya and Emily.

We both saw I am not your Negro yesterday and agree that James Baldwin is brilliant.

I learn so much and relearn or it is re-inforced because I did not in fact learn it the first time.

Thanks for letting me be right where I am, but insisting that I change.

Maya was an Aries, like me, and as I do a countdown to 60 I am grateful.  I used to quote James Baldwin and say “I am a writer, I like to be alone”.

I am a student who writes and I enjoy my community of HSCL.

I will not waste my words.  I will be more patient, compassionate, and simple (from Lao-Tzu 2/11 of Nepo).

Quite simply, thank you, I am “in love” with you, not in a romantic way (although parenthetically you do bring the sexy and ain’t nothing wrong with some “eye candy” up in the church, thank you for that) love in the purest form that is not exclusive, has room for all and continues to grow.

The person I am also “in love” with is me.  As I am loving myself more, my capacity for loving others grows, for we are all human, and all love, and all God.

I left church and returned to my teens plus one with a positive attitude with no complaints or criticisms of myself or them.

You have taught me that everyday is Black History Day and we will continue that through our writings for Arise 2.0 and Huffington Post.

Thank you for being spiritual advisor to Arise 2.0.  And finally thank you for simply being you and being present.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, compassion, and blessings.


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