A Love Sonnet to the tune of “A Sweet Sweet Melody”

by Paul L. Grace-Neal

Robert Burns once penned the words, “My love is like a red red rose gently sprung in Spring.”
That’s why I believe that this love is the ONE;
It’s not just a fling.

We spend so much time together
And when I’m with her I feel like I’m on Cloud 9–light as a feather.

I feel like I’m floating high up into the heavens.
She is a lady full of grace and beauty.
Yes! She’s the one for me.

Sing me a song with a sweet Melody
Oh, sing me a song, a Melody
Infused with the feelings I have for thee.
Infused with our mutual love that will always be.

I want to travel to places with you that I have never been.
And as I think about our future, I write this poem with my own heart’s pen.

Together… Forever is our destiny.
To the moon and back…
Until eternity!

We are an unbroken circle
Ever moving forward
For there is no lull.

My love for you is consistent.
And with you my soul is beyond content.

Let me take you to paradise beginning with your soft, supple neck.
I’ll end with the center of your thighs.
Why not? What the heck.

As I caress
your sweet, oh so sweet finesse
I will take your Spirit higher
And set your Soul on fire.

911, I’d like to report a fire.
The address is 40-love.
And I need the jaws of life
To pry her.
I am deep with in her.

Our unique anatomy is entagled as the fingers within a tightly knitted glove.
I have pushed and pressed my way through her secret hiding garden.
Bigger bigger:- larger that life.
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm…
You are my one true love!

My people pleaser may harden
And is stuck within her erogenous space.
If you could only see the smile upon my face.

I know I need to but I don’t want to move from this submissive position.
I’m focused on this task.
This is my sensual mission.

Yet I must rise as I have just risen
From this current destiny.
But oh, darling, continue to sing me a song with a voluptuous Melody.
An infusion of you mingled within me.

Oh, darling, sing me a song with a voluptuous Melody.
And one day, I will seek your hand in matrimony–
as I seek to hear you say “I do” and steady myself in anticipation
balanced on my one hopeful bended knee.

Oh, darling, sing me a song with a sweet voluptuous Melody.
Because I believe you are a Godsend.
Oh, darling, sing me a song with a Sweet Sweet Melody.
Oh oh Yes! You are the one for me.


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