Building A Healing Consciousness



by Jackie Williams

Oakland, CA — Let’s go back 6 weeks ago or so.  So here I am again trying  to get enlightened on the possibilities of life.  The possibilities of a new thought process.  The process of mediation, for all things and in all things, can you believe this.  Well the instructors asked that we write down three things that we wanted to take away from this class.  I told them the main thing I wanted was not to be the same as when I entered. Have I achieved that?  Well I can say that i am not the same and my awareness of the things I say and think have been altered.  But, yes there is a but in this.  I feel like I can take this class all over again and come away with more knowledge.  That’s the difference in many aspects of this teaching for me.  I feel like a new kid in school and just wanting to embrace it all right now.  So let me go back to the beginning of the class.  After being asked about what we wanted to gain from this class, we were thrown the curve ball of the dreaded end of course project.  My minister, bless her heart, using this phrase often and it goes a little something like this…..standing with my dress over my head, to me she uses this phrase as a metaphor of the exposure of oneself when one would rather just do the tuck and roll thing.  You know how we can talk to each other full force but we can’t talk to other people that way?  Sometimes we just have to give it our all.  So I find myself at this juncture trying to figure out what my project will be.  Yes, I had the thought about doing a painting depicting the Divine holding me upside down by my feet while everything inside me falls out from the top of my head.  Funny huh?  But really that’s how this new thought process feels to me.  I have to get rid of the old or replace the old with something new.  Revamping, changing, but all for the greater good you see.  Oh yes, the class and the instructors are awesome.  I’ve learned to listen and not listen with just my ears but with my heart as well…to listen deeply and with great intention.  Check this out though, one day I had a migraine so I left class early.  After I left is when they choose their prayer partners and wouldn’t you know it I get not one but two prayer partners and they just so happen to be the assisting practitioners!    Yes, that’s what I said….damn Gina!  So that was an interesting process.  At first I felt a disconnect, then the connection happened and really I look forward to the prayer time and I really don’t want to give it up because the class is ending.  Yes I know I have to talk to them to see just how they feel about that process as well.  One of the other things that happened was, in one of our classes, a classmate spoke of having a treatment in front of a mirror, can you believe that?  First I was noticing the gray  hair that was showing its place on my head, then I began to see the features of my face and as I spoke I begin to see how I position my lips just like my mom. Ok, ok..then I begin to see me…really see me.  I looked into my eyes and I listened to my words.  The experience was wonderful.  Maybe you should try it. (laugh)  I have yet to take a class and not gain some form of knowingness from my classmates.  Yes, yes and yes.  We talked and meditated on the election before it took place and this is what I have to say about that… ready?  Ok, here it goes.  With the past weeks experience of an election I have been challenged to stand in my knowing that divine order is taking place.  It’s starting in me.  Our country, nor I will be the same again and I want to say I have no complaints what so ever, (this is another one of our church things), but it’s challenging at this time.  But you know what?  There is light inside of me that continues to say thank you.  I stand on recognition that there is only one God and one life and this life of God I am actively living right now.  I know there is no separation and a unity that is so entwined that there is no me without God.  Yes I’m standing and will  continue to stand in my knowing until I know.  I am declaring all that is good is still in the pot of stew called life.  Because there are many things in this stew but it is not called a many thing stew it’s just called stew, so such is life.  We are actively in the process of a universal cleansing and you know when you clean some things go and somethings stay and some things new come in.  So we are skimming the layer of awareness of otherness that is so in the light right now.  I know that we are but one.  I declare with love and gratitude that is all good.  All I can really do is say thank you.  Thank you for the force of goodness that exists in the midst of chaos.  Thank you that the Law is there (not the law with a lower case but the Universal Law) (laugh)…and it’s working even if I pause because I know God is the source of all that is.  I know that when  I speak and release my words, and move out of the way that my words are working and working in a space of goodness.  Hey, I think I just did a treatment!  I gotta go, love you.  Good bye.  Oh yes, I am not the same as I began.





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