My First “Sexy Salad” Friday

img_9044by Kiki

My quote from the day was from James Baldwin:  “I am a writer I like doing things alone”.  It’s true, I like to go to movies alone, travel alone.  And for the most part, work alone.

I am an introvert, I am capable of being social and am great at networking and connecting, but doing that for any length of time does not sustain me or feed my soul.

I enjoy people, but for limited amounts of time.

I recently joining a co-working space, Impact Hub Oakland and today I went to work alone but surrounded by people for the day.

I forgot to bring my lunch and was planning to get a sandwich from nearby when the announcement came that “Sexy Salad” Friday potluck would be served.

The announcement, by Roe Cummings, was that if you didn’t have a contribution you could still sit at the table and either contribute cash or remember for next Friday.

Roe told the 30 of us gathered at the table the 5 principles:

  1.  Be generous.
  2. Be Curious.
  3. Ask for what you need.
  4. Remove what is empty.
  5. Leave no trace.

The principles are literal and beyond.

With that I knew there was a reason I was seated near Luke and Maxim with whom I had a great conversation over lunch.  I washed dishes and loaded the dishwasher with another member and she and I bonded as well.

I was well fed on many levels.

A great idea for community building, I am no longer a virgin, and will be a frequent participant in this great ritual.

Peace, love, joy, gratitude, faith, compassion and blessings.



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