It’s Time for a Revolution


Always seem to haunt
Visions as I lie sleepless
Desiring to journey on an “All Lives Matter” jaunt
I am trying enduringly to enjoy it but I keep hearing innumerable vile taunts.

I want to dream of places I’ve never been
And see thing I’ve never seen.
But my travels to my destination are thwarted
By obscenities… so obscene.

Yesterday you were a girl
And today you’re a man?
You can’t do that–be something that you’re not.
Your genitals don’t match who you say that you are
You can not be telling the truth.
The truth of what you are saying seems so far.
I am so so tired of defending myself and I am caught
In an endless cycle of tyranny
The intensity of the epitaphs is uncanny.
Trans*phobia and homo phobia.
Where is the Respect?
Just give me acceptance, and peace.
Any thing else has got to cease.

In case you have forgotten,
Allow me to enlighten.
I don’t have a problem with who I am.
If you can’t appreciate my choices then I don’t give a damn!

I wish we could live in harmony,
Play together as instruments in a musical symphony
And that people wouldn’t be so phony.

Where is the love of the Divine.
No, it is not ok.  No, it is not fine.
We were created with a purpose
To be of sacred worth.
Well if that is the case, why do others curse the day of our birth?

No I was not a mistake.
The Holy One is not a fake.
The Highest Entity fashioned me out of the dust of Genesis’ evolution.
That’s why I want to guide you in this affirming revolution.
Fight to powers that be!
Let everyone lift up their voice in unity for everyone to be free.

This revolution is intended to obliterate the insolence of injustice
This obliteration is for all and not just us.

We have come from distant corners of the universe
So let us all rehearse
The cries of our faithful descendants
Who have fought for us to be named in our United country’s amendments.

Yes, we are all free
And my hope is that one day we will see–
That bathrooms are not the issue
And if you don’t like me in there, cry on!
I’ll bring you a piece of toilet tissue.

I am me and can’t be you
so I must bid you a sweet adieu.
Until you can love me as me
I must say thee well—fare thee, fare thee, fare thee.

I am angered and hurt that you cannot believe
That this little girl is now a he.
I am baffled by your perspective and there coming back from this.
There is no reprieve.

Intoleration, degradation, go back from whence you came.
You are cheaters and liars and your humiliating actions are excruciatingly lame.

I am a grown man
With a masterful plan
To educate and eradicate
The pangs from my heart that radiate
Hoping that others participate
In spreading healing and wholeness to everyone.
If we all work together, it is already done.


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